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Photo Credit: Aubrey Roper, Photography by Aubrey

Hey, I'm Katey Hamill.

I was raised in the beautiful mountain town of Truckee, Ca. As a Truckee kid, I've always loved the outdoors and was afforded the best childhood possible, playing outside everyday and making the most of every season and opportunity. To me, the mountains are a truly special place and feel engrained in my very being. The transition to college in San Diego jump-started my love for exploring new places and meeting new people. Six years in San Diego taught me two very important things: 1) When it comes to Mexican food, you can’t beat a California Burrito, and 2) The mountains are where I feel most at home. So, I ventured back to my small mountain hometown. Though my love for the outdoors and the various activities it has to offer has always been present, I’ve developed an increasing desire to capture its beauty through photography in recent years. I’ve cultivated my passion for photography and taken every chance I can get to wander in nature and indulge this interest. I have a passion for exploring new places and capturing beauty all along the way. That beauty often takes on different forms. I’ve seen it in places, people, nature, weddings, sports, and gatherings of all kinds. So, whether you are in need of some new family photos to hang on that wall or need to document your rad rock climbing skills to show off to your friends, I’m here for you. I hope you’ll consider me to tag along on your next adventure.



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